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Starting in 1990, developing and building Pneumatic Bulk Seed Handling Equipment has been our full-time job. Making the job of filling large row crop planters and grain drills safer, quicker, and easier, while maintaining seed quality and purity have all been priorities in the development of BEANHUSTLER bulk seed handling equipment.

Being able to empty and clean out the planter or drill quickly and easily while saving the seed and maintaining its quality and purity for future use can be as important as filling the planting equipment.

Anyone who has been in the position of having to remove several hundred pounds of seed from a large planter or drill knows there has to be a better way. Cleaning out a large grain drill with a coffee can, or dumping a large Shop Vac container numerous times can be exasperating and wastes valuable time.

The new planters with large bulk compartments can be extremely difficult to empty and clean out. Putting a door in the bottom of containers and seed compartments does not solve the problem. When you get caught with several hundred pounds of very expensive seed that has to be removed from the planter, kept clean and made available for future use, you can appreciate the need for a small, flexible Vacuum-Pressure system that can easily take 5-7 units of seed per minute and deliver the seed safely to where you want it while protecting its quality and purity.

Customers in 23 states use BEANHUSTLER equipment to move Seed Corn, several kinds of Seed Beans, Wheat, Oats, Cotton Seed, Seed Peas, Sugar Beet Seed, as well as Grass Seed, Legume Seed, and Pop Corn.


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