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BEANHUSTLER Hose Coupler Styles


Beanhustler coupler styles


BEANHUSTLER Hose Couplers make hose connections quick and easy. Just slip the Male End into the Receiver and lock the 2 Latch levers. No loose parts! The Receiver half is available in 3 styles.

Style 1 Flanged: connects to your present BEANHUSTLER flange.

Beanhustler flanged hose coupler

Style 2 Straight: 3” O.D. to slip inside the Hose, will replace the older Fillarm Quick Coupler (with the clamp.)

Beanhustler straight hose coupler Beanhustler Straight hose coupler assembled

Style 3 Expanded: Fits over older Metal Cyclone inlets as well as the Air Lock outlet.

Beanhustler expanded hose coupler