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Beanhustler JD fillarm Beanhustler JD fillarm opposite


The John Deere CCS Bulk System Fillarm has a spring-loaded latch that holds it over each box.


Beanhustler fillarm hose connection Beanhustler discharge cyclone


The Hose Connection and Control Cord Plug are easily reached from the ground. After ascending the ladder, the operator raises the Discharge Cyclone to the ‘UP’ position and locks it over either Seed Box.


Beanhustler front view Beanhustler fillarm in transport position


Front view (left) and with Discharge in transport position (right.)

In transport position the Fillarm is below the CCS lids and does not interfere with filling the bags.

Installation takes about 2 hours, with no welding or drilling required.

This attachment can be used with other Air Systems, however some reduction in capacity may result because of the discharge height necessary to fill the CCS system. The amount of reduction depends on horse power, length of hose, and general condition of the Air System used. We will need to know the inside diameter of the hose on your system so we can provide the correct hose and Quick Coupler.